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I’ve been trading in the Financial Markets since early 2013, when I got my foot in the industry straight after college, as a teen in one of the UK’s leading trading firms at the time. My primary role was centred around managing my clients’ and traders’ portfolio. It was thanks to this experience that I gained the necessary skills and expertise that are paramount in this industry. My manager at the time was an ex-Goldman Sachs trading analyst who had taken me under his wing and guided me through my time in this role.

In the next few years, I gradually gained more experience and expertise. Subsequently I got to a stage where I was able to engage in trades as my primary source of income. I also began educating my friends, family and peers on what I do. I have been a full time trader ever since, even though I’ve also recently found a hidden passion for teaching.


Being a well-known public figure in the UK and coming from the music industry as a manager for some of the UK’s top artists, I first met Omar around October 2020. At that time, a lot of industries were undergoing a lot of disruption as a result of the covid19 pandemic, however the financial market industry was on the rise and thriving. It was Omar that introduced me to trading, and we began meeting up at coffee shops, where Omar would share tips on how to learn to trade profitably. There has been a lot of negative connotations surrounding the financial markets in recent years. This was one of the reasons why we decided to build CENIQA. Our aim is to create a a safe space, and a community who will be able to trust us, knowing that we will provide them the correct education while removing the negative status quo surrounding traders in the UK.

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We are offering clients of all walks of life whether experienced or completely new, to have the chance to educate themselves in real time trading analysis and knowledge. Not only will having this knowledge enable you to make better informed decisions it will also boost your personal development providing life skills and confidence. Our goal at CENIQA is to make sure that our community is looked after and guided through the correct route in the financial markets. View our services and course packages to learn more!


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